Saturday, February 28, 2009

more Vintage

Ta-Da! Here's some serious vintage for you: this dress was $16 at Buffalo Exchange, the boots are a relic from the 80s (god bless mothers who hang on to the good stuff) and, well, the tights are from Uniqlo but...

Detail shot. This ring!!! A gorgeous camio, $60 at O Mistress Mine...take THAT, Urban Outfitters, this is the real thing.


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  1. thelastmushroom said...
    That dress is so cute!! I adore the cut and the buttons. Not to mention the lace (crochet?) material. I want that cameo. Please Air-Mail it to me.

    By the way the model is super cute! I'd definitely date her! Or at least be cooped-up in a tiny room with her for 2 weeks in the summer ^.~

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