Friday, December 12, 2008

Here are the porn titles, as promised:
1. Glad-He-Ate-Her (Gladiator)
2. The Condom of Solace
3. Moulin Splooge (Moulin Rouge)
4. Good Will Humping (Good Will Hunting)
5. The Cunt for Red October (The Hunt for Red October)
6. Shaved New World (Brave New World)
7. Sesame Skeet (Sesame Street)
8. Cherry Poppins (Mary Poppins)
9. Ben (in) Her

and, apologetically:
1. Indiana Bones: Some Ho
2. Snatch-22 (Catch-22)
3. The Great Twatsby (The Great Gatsby)
4. The Gropes of Wrath (The Grapes of Wrath)
5. Twat-er House Five (Slaughter House Five)
6. The Jizzard of Oz (Especially apologetically)
7. Star Whores (Star Wars)
8. High Poon (High Noon)
9. King Schlong (King Kong)
10. A Streetcar Named Fuck Me (...)
11. Booty and the Beast (Beauty and the Beast)
12. The Little Spermaid

Feel free to stick your submissions in our inbox, it's always open for business.

Love Bertha

P.S. We apologize again for this post, profusely


  1. Hilary said...
    also: Peewee's Big [adventure]
    G. said...
    The Da Vinci Load (The Da Vinci Code)
    Lyric said...
    My all time favorite from Snuff, Titty Titty Gang Bang

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