Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The slow days here at The Burlap Smack involve a variety of noble pursuits, like sitting on the window sill and looking into other people's apartments (which are much nicer than here) consuming mass amounts of coffee (and leaving almost none for the other roommates), napping, and watering the cactus, which is not, unfortunately, a euphemism for anything.

But on the euphemism note, by far the noblest pursuit that has been..well, pursued this afternoon was inspired by Snuff and involves turning classic(ish) works of literature and film into elegantly trashy porn titles, to maybe be posted here at a later date, when the list is complete.

Witness the sheer genius of a college education.


  1. Clio said...
    Might I suggest A Tale of Two Tities?
    Cronopio said...
    What would Lolita be changed to?
    theburlapsmack said...
    Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you look at I guess, the good ones have already been copyrighted by Chuck Palahniuk, including A Tale of Two Titties, and my personal favorite, The Importance of Balling Earnest
    Clio said...
    Ah man Chuck Palahuik is always stealing my fire!

    Bwahaha! The Importance of Balling Earnest!

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